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Premedical education from Abroad

The Premedical Sciences curriculum at Shree Medical Education serves as a strong foundation for further studies in the Medical Sciences Program. Our Director of Admissions assesses each applicant's academic background and places them in the appropriate semester of the Premedical Program. The first and second semesters of the Premedical Program encompass essential courses in biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, mathematics, and general education subjects. This comprehensive curriculum ensures that students develop a solid understanding of the fundamental sciences required for success in their medical studies.


During the premedical semester, students encounter upper-level biomedical science courses that aim to further strengthen their foundation in Premedical Sciences. These courses are carefully designed to provide a deeper understanding of the core scientific principles and concepts relevant to medical studies. By delving into advanced biomedical topics, students can enhance their knowledge base, critical thinking abilities, and problem-solving skills. This comprehensive approach equips students with the necessary academic preparation and sets the stage for a successful transition into advanced medical studies.


In three Semester of the premedical program, students will engage in a variety of courses aimed at providing a strong foundation in the basic sciences. Some of the courses typically offered in Semester 1.

General Physics 1,2,3

premedical program includes "General Physics 1,2,3," focusing on mechanics, forces, energy, and motion. This course develops students' analytical skills and understanding of the fundamental principles of physics, crucial for their future studies in the medical field.

General Chemistry 1,2,3

premedical program includes "General Chemistry 1,2,3 ," covering, the fundamental principles and concepts of chemistry. This course builds a strong foundation in atomic structure, chemical bonding, and stoichiometry, providing essential knowledge for understanding biological processes in medicine.

Foundation Biology 1,2,3

premedical program includes "Foundation Biology 1,2,3 ," covering essential concepts such as cellular biology, genetics, evolution, and ecology. This course establishes a strong foundation in biology, providing students with a fundamental understanding of the living world and its significance in the medical field.

Organic Chemistry 1,2,3

premedical program includes "Organic Chemistry 1,2,3," covering the structures, properties, reactions, and synthesis of organic compounds. This course provides a foundational understanding of organic chemistry, which is essential for comprehending the chemical processes in living organisms and their significance in medicine.