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Shree Medical Education offers a comprehensive medical program from abroad, providing students with the opportunity to pursue their medical education in renowned international universities

Our aim is to empower students to pursue quality medical education abroad, offering personalized services that cater to their unique needs and aspirations.


Our program encompasses the following features:

Wide Range of University Options: We provide access to a diverse selection of renowned universities abroad, offering excellent medical programs and recognized degrees.

Tailored University Selection: Our team assists students in selecting the most suitable university based on their academic background, preferences, and career aspirations, ensuring a perfect fit for their medical education journey.

Admission Guidance: We offer personalized guidance throughout the admission process, providing assistance with application forms, documentation, and ensuring adherence to admission deadlines.

Visa and Immigration Support: Our experienced team provides valuable guidance on visa application procedures, helping students navigate through the immigration requirements to obtain the necessary documentation for studying abroad.

Financial Assistance Information: We provide information on scholarships, grants, and funding opportunities available to international students, guiding them in exploring financial aid options to make their medical education more affordable.

Pre-departure Orientation: We offer comprehensive pre-departure support, assisting students with travel arrangements, accommodation options, and essential preparations to ensure a smooth transition to their chosen destination.

Continuous Student Support: Throughout the medical program, we provide ongoing support to students, addressing their academic, personal, and administrative needs, ensuring a fulfilling educational experience.